Post "Palette Jam 2" Update!

Hey everyone, 

We had a great time building this little game over the course of the Palette Jam 2, and are more than delighted to see the great reactions and playthroughs that people have posted!

It really got down to the wire while finishing the game in time for the deadline, and as such we couldn't include all the stuff we wanted. Luckily we had to wait to weeks for voting and judging, and we've been able to put almost everything back in, while also fixing a couple of bugs that we didn't catch before. 

Thanks for playing!

- Team Merge-Conflict

Addressing player feedback on controls:

We saw various comments from people who prefer different controls, and we've made an effort to remap the defaults to suit most cases, while also allowing full remapping for everyone else. 

Keyboard Controls (All below are bound by default):
Move-Left: Left-Arrow
Move-Right: Right-Arrow
Jump: Z
Shoot:  X
Vending Machine UP: Up-Arrow
Vending Machine Down: Down-Arrow
Vending Machine Confirm: Return

Controller Controls (Xbox controller shown as default, many others also supported):
Move-left: Analog left or d-pad left
Move-right: Analog right or d-pad right
Jump: A
Shoot: X
Vending machine up: d-pad up
Vending machine down: d-pad down
Vending machine confirm: Y
Pause: Start (NEW)

The options menu can now be navigated using a controller

New Content:

 Turtle (NEW)
We've previously not included, but designed for this little turtle to be part of our release, but due to the work required during the jam decided to go without, but its finally here!
That dot is not an eye...
You can find them in its new environment

AI updates:

Now has multiple Damage stages.
Player line of sight bug fixed, floaters would shoot through walls, making especially the level "Block Factory" much harder then intended.
Floaters now abide by the level boundaries.

Additional Polish:

  • Music fade in
  • Camera ease on return to menu
  • Dripping droop
  • Pipes! all the pipes!
  • Tileset updates, revisited many tiles and slightly revised the look
  • PayToWin item "extra permanent life" now works
  • PayToWin item "extra bullet damage" implemented along with HUD indicator
  • PayToWin item "extra key" added
  • PayToWin machine Layers over player
  • Button helper graphics for doors
  • Button requires player input to enter (Default Enter or Controller Y)
  • Heart container bug fixed
  • New custom font!
  • Boss Sprite offset fixed
  • New Boss Attack

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