Update 0.4.0

UPDATE 0.4.0:

Major fixes:

  • Modern/Classic input methods are now available under options
  • Fog of war has been re-enabled
  • Added double click to select all of one type
  • New voice lines added for when you are under attack
  • New voice lines for waste buffer is full

    Minor fixes:

    • Cliff collisions did not always work
    • Water tiles no longer rotates 90 degrees
    • Units got stuck whilst being shot at
    • Units leaving the factory will no longer sack on the same tile
    • AI building refineries inside buildings, causing them to get stuck
    • Ore models update when being mined
    • Units that are attacking wont change targets when ordered
    • Health bar toggle between always and when damaged now works


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    Version 0.4.0 Aug 02, 2022
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    Version 0.4.0 Aug 02, 2022

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