You find yourself in a tug-of-war fighting over Hyranium, a highly radioactive resource that corporate HQ desires! Obtain it to make money, but also to power your factories and defenses. 

You'll need to fight over the Hyranium with other corporations. To make matters worse, the mining plains are also actively killing your troops through radiation fields...  

How to play:

Build a refinery or additional harvester to mine precious Hyranium! 

Refineries will build up waste over time, and will stop processing when their buffer is full. Placing the waste on the map will create new radiation zones. 

Build a Factory to produce units! 

Command units using the Mouse (Depending on the Input Scheme selected in options) to defend and attack your opponents. 

Manage your power! 

Keep track of the power bar on the left side of the screen! Factories are slow without power, and turrets won't fire. Hyranium is needed to produce power in power plants, and the slider next to the base determines how much of your Hyranium income is spent on power, vs how much is going to your bank account.


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Version 0.4.0 Aug 02, 2022

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I really enjoyed playing this game. The visual art style is consistent and polished. However, the gameplay did fall short on some key aspects

What I liked:

1. Superb visual art style

2. Great soundtrack

3. Good selection of VAs

4. Simple, yet functional UI

What I didn't like:

1. I think there's a bug with the credits counter. At late game, where I basically dominated the map center, I would have 10k+ credits yet for some reason the game still didn't think I had enough money to buy T-16s and even mech warriors, which was really confusing. Furthermore, when I did get to order a T-16, I noticed that the amount deducted from my balance was way more than the tank would cost (I think it was 1500, but correct me if I'm wrong)

2. There are some significant frame drops during gameplay. This is most apparent during engagement with enemy forces

3. You can walk through terrain obstacles. This can result in me walking into an ambush where the AI would have some forces hidden within the mountains. Clever AI :P

4. Sometimes, some of my units would refuse to give any command that I give them. This happened with one of my harvesters just sitting in my base doing nothing, and a second time with 2 artillery units while I was invading an AI base. They just sat there, refusing to either fire or even move back to base after the fighting was over

5. I noticed that my units didn't enjoy too much autonomy as I expected them to have. For example, when I was controlling the map center, I had some forces there to pick off any AI harvesters that came to the center, but I noticed that they ignored those harvesters most of the time and that I had to manually order them to engage

Finally, I hope I wasn't too harsh with my review. I really think this game has great potential and I can see that a lot of love and care went into it. I wanted to give out a clear and honest picture of my experience because I really think this game deserves all the love it can get. All in all, great work and keep it up :)

Thanks for your feedback! Really good to hear both what you liked and didn't!

We hope to do some more updates to do some of these quality of life improvements, and will take your feedback in consideration for sure!
Can say we noticed some of these issues our selves, but weren't sure when and if we're allowed to push a fix, but good news, there will be one shortly!


No worries mate. I know how you feel. There's a lot of things that we'd like to address in our game as well. It's never easy to get it 100% right, especially with a genre this difficult (rts games are hard lol)


Really nice little RTS, with gorgeous graphics, and well-made music.

Kudos for:

  • Great unit selection
  • Astonish graphics
  • Great music
  • Really fun map
  • Lobby settings and general UI

Parts that need improvement:

  • Optimization, play on the browser is hard
  • I would update the move action to the right click and the unselect units on the left click
  • Need a better understanding of what the resources are and how to get the most of them
  • Implement a better game over condition (My main base was destroyed but I can keep playing, without the possibility of constructing any more buildings)
  • What happens to the refinery if the worker gets destroyed?

Thanks for your feedback! Fantastic list of feedback, we've not had a whole lot of time to playtest, so its very welcome!

We're aware that the browser perf is bad, which was a bit unexpected since the PC build performance was great, so we'll have a look at that as well.

For most of the other issues we've already have done work as well, actually had a lot of features turned off for our submission as they werent complete, including the switching between LMB and RMB for controls/selecting.

Thanks for giving our game a try, we'll post another update soon!